Insolvency and restructuring

We offer comprehensive legal advice concerning insolvency and restructuring companies. We ensure prevention of insolvency risks and represent creditors in applying insolvency claims, including participation in creditor bodies and representation in insolvency disputes. On the side of the bankrupt, we deal with alternative manners of solution of insolvency (moratorium, reorganisation) with the aim of preserving the business operation. We carry out all kinds of company restructuring.

Selected references:

Representing an industrial firm in the preparation of moratoria and reorganisation, representation before the insolvency administrator and creditors, preparation of insolvency financing and representation in interlocutory disputes

Restructuring of a leading Czech business group, including splitting the organisations and separation of the management, real estate and operating companies, related transfers of employees and know-how, preparation of intragroup contractual documentation

Representing a range of organisations in exercising rights in insolvency, including preparation of insolvency applications, representation before creditor bodies and in disputes regarding insolvency claims

Representing a major development company in the purchase of real estate assets from insolvency

Restructuring of a major transport company into a holding group with the splitting of the operating company and arranging intragroup contractual documentation

Restructuring of a major development company group and preparation for the entry of another investor, preparation of shareholder agreements and new configuration of intragroup relations

Setting a crisis management regime and a preventative anti-insolvency regime for a major business group, preparation of relevant documentation and arrangement of new relationships with business partners

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