IP and IT law

We offer legal support in the area of copyright and intellectual property rights. We deal with the registration of trademarks and patents, on a European and world scale. We draft and negotiate licence agreements and exercise the rights conferred by them. We represent firms and authors in disputes concerning infringement of copyright and industrial property rights and in unfair competition disputes. We deal with employee’s copyright, exercise of employer rights and transfer of those rights. We advise on regulation of on-line trade and e-shops.

Selected references:

Carrying out extensive due diligence of a software producer, preparation of the whole documentation with authors and EULA documentation, settlement of relations with authors

Representing a leading internet company in the registration of European and international trademarks (USA)

Representing a pharmaceutical company in a trademark dispute, arbitration procedures and agreement on taking over a trademark

Representing a Czech company as the plaintiff in a dispute concerning breach of copyright

Representing employees as authors in obtaining additional payment for usage of copyright by the employer

Representing a Czech university in submitting a patent application abroad, arranging contractual documentation between co-inventors

Representing a major Czech company in an unfair competition dispute regarding infringement of trademark rights

Representing a foreign e-shop in a dispute with Czech administrative authorities, preparation of complete documentation for the e-shop

Representing a range of organisations in registering trademarks and patents, including arranging the relevant contractual documentation

Safekeeping of software source codes, preparation of relevant contractual documentation

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