Corporate law and M&A

We deal with all areas of corporate law and have extensive experience in realising all types of M&A processes and transactions. We regularly represent our clients in company and factory transfers, in all company transformations (mergers, de-mergers, changes in legal forms etc.) and also in founding of joint-ventures. We offer complete services in relation to incorporation of companies, their structural changes and liquidation, including special company forms (trust, investment companies). We specialise in optimalising company structures and also issues relating to family succession. We also offer consultancy in all areas of management of the company and its internal relations.

Selected references:

Implementation of the transformation of a transport company into a holding structure, including the splitting of the operating company from the management and real estate company

Intragroup merger of a leading foreign company including group restructuring and reconfiguring intragroup relations

Implementation of family succession across industries (real estate, transport, engineering, wholesale, hotels) with amendments to corporate structure and family holdings

Preparation of a joint-venture between a major Czech and international food company, preparation of related shareholders‘ agreements and acquisition agreements

Representing a range of strategic foreign investors in the acquisition of Czech companies, including carrying out due diligence, preparation of acquisition agreements and financing agreements

Representing a range of owners of Czech companies across industries (production, services, technology, software, health) in their sale to foreign buyers, including optimalising the structure for sale, preparation of transfer agreements and other documentation

Representing the buyers in a management buy-out process and arranging the complete contractual documentation

Carrying out regular corporate governance for a range of Czech and foreign companies

Changing the legal form of a range of companies, preparing relevant documentation and arranging registration requirements

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